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Long, long, long ago
When the Universe was very small,
And there really was no space at all,
Nova Donna was there.
She was so furious.
There was no time,
No time for anything.
She was raging,
She was determined,
There was no one to stop her,
So she let loose.
She let loose of all the boundaries,
All the restrictions,
Every last one,
She let it rip
Right up the crotch,
Split the seams of her restraining garments,
And started growing like Alice.
Her head lifted the roof,
Her arms shot out the windows,
And then all the walls just
Busted to flinders
And went spinning off into space,
Because now there was some,
And she took a big, deep
breath, exhaling
A stream of galaxies
as dense as thick smoke.
She kicked back on the
Big sofa covered with patterns 
like rattlesnake hide
 and leopard prints
and tiger stripes and
all those kinds of badass
patterns, and started to chill.
She kept smoking for a long time,
Because now there was some,
Time I mean,
Time to get some things done,
Things she'd been meaning to do
Back when there was so much pressure
And no means of expression.
She didn't make any decisions.
She delegated everything,
And didn't create any minions.
She wrote everyone a blank check.
There was so much to do,
And she needed helpers, not slaves,
Willing warriors, able to brave
The space, because there was so
much space now in this new place.
She couldn't stop smoking.
It turned out there was no limit
To the volume of swirling spirals
And gyrating pulsars and
collapsing vortices she could exhale,
And she started collecting white dwarves
And red giants to keep her company,
And always loved to wear a nova in her hair.
Eventually she thought "WOW"
And then she thought "This is really cool"
And she noticed little things starting
To happen in the cool places out in
the star systems.
She noticed some very cool stuff,
Like water, which she had never seen before,
As rain, and snow, 
As lakes and rivers,
As oceans and ice caps,
Turning these cute little planets
all blue and green
The cutest little things she'd ever seen.
And then she saw something 
that took her breath away.
Because her vision being very keen,
She could see the snow falling,
Every snowflake, just drifting down
Through the atmosphere like inside
A glass ball when you shake it,
And she loved the way the winds
Swirled all around the planets,
Making those twirly patterns
That are so cute.
But what amazed her most was
the way every snowflake was
unique, custom-made perfect,
And she just laughed with joy,
Because she knew that she was rich.
So she went on a shopping spree,
She started spending wildly,
Everywhere she could find a 
cool little planet.
She was everywhere at once,
Checking planetary orbits,
Waiting for gravity to pull them
into line,
Watching for stray comets that
might be candidates to deluge
some bare rock with a splash
of bubbly
Then watching them foam up green
As the suns, oh how she loved her suns,
Warmed up the whole shebang,
And then one day they came.
Flowers, oh god the flowers.
She gasped. 
She thought the snowflakes were grand, 
But the flowers were, they were,
They were just magnificent,
And she said out loud in
a voice like thunder,
"I'm movin' in!"
And she plucked some dawn clouds 
Out of the sky for a nightgown and still
almost naked, gathered up 
flowers and rolled in the fields,
Getting drunk on perfume
And watching the sun
way up high in the sky, and
the rivers flowed between her legs
and she knew she was not only
rich, she was beautiful.


 ­Primo Anno Femini
The First Year of The Feminine Era
by Tara Carreon

From Eve to Apple Pie 

In our society, the myth of feminine evil and derangement begins with the image of Eve, seduced by the Devil, inducing her hapless husband to put teeth-marks into an apple.  What followed from that has been too painful to recount at length, but it included the end of the free lunch, the birth of the fashion industry, and civil war, as the hapless couple were evicted from Eden, shamed into wearing clothes, and gave birth to a pair of sons, one of whom was a fratricidal vegetarian.  Fast-forward to the present time, when “Mom and apple pie” are the symbols of what?  Patriotism!  As in, love of the Fatherland.  And mom is still in the kitchen, baking apples

From Jesus to the Inquisition 

Keep your finger on that fast-forward button, as the images skitter by in an accelerated montage of faux-history, foisted on us by the gang of Roman ecclesiasts who adopted a murdered Hebrew revolutionary as their Messiah, and enshrined Hebrew propaganda as the true history of the world.  Their choice of reading material was strange.  The Old Testament was irrelevant to Jesus’ message.  And none of the book had any connection to the people of Europe.  It makes no mention of the Greeks, who gave Rome their whole culture!  Why not enshrine some other myths, native to Europe?  Why obsess about the doings of the Israelites in a distant time and place, simply because the expanding empire of Rome had stubbed its toe on their little desert hideout? The decay of Roman civilization, and the decline of the old gods, was no doubt a great stimulant for foreign imports.  Blame the canny, superstitious Emperor Constantine, who took up the Christian path to purge himself of a lifetime of sin.  Blame Saul the Prosecutor, aka Paul the Apostle, who said it was “good for a man not to be with a woman,” but indulged those too weak to avoid the temptations of the vagina by conceding that it was better to indulge a little than to burn with unquenchable lust.  Blame the Council of Trent, in particular, that compiled the Bible as Holy Writ, expurgating its mystical elements, all but the apocalyptic ravings of Revelations, fuel for zealotry then and ever after.  And let us not omit from our list of malignant evangelists the witch prosecutors, Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, who spread the message of the Malleus Maleficarum, “The Hammer Against the Witches,” throughout Europe, and lit a thousand pyres to illuminate the Dark Ages with the glare of female sacrifice, and foul the atmosphere of history with the stench of a cannibal camp

The Innocent Cave-Painters 

Whence came this evil visitation of mother-hatred?  Certainly we cannot blame the neolithics.  The pre-agricultural era also appears to have been a pre-religious era.  Archeologists have dated art found in the caves of Altamira, Lascaux and sister-settlements in the mountains near the Cantabrian Sea, in the range of 35,000 – 20,000 B.C.  This was clearly a pre-agricultural era, and a survey of the art and artifacts of the era does not provide any indication that the people of this time were religious in any way.  Their spiritual impulses certainly did not lead to the creation of abstract deities distinct from the forms appearing in their natural world. 

Mischief Born In The Cradle of Time 

Long after the cave painters dreamed their last dream of the hunt, different attitudes emerged, particularly in what we now call the middle east, where the war against women began in earnest, and legions of farmers took up arms against the mother.  First they destroyed the mystery of the heavenly cycles, extruding time from the pattern of day and night, subjecting the seasons to the round of cultivation and harvest, and unraveling forever into the endless line of history.  With the birth of history, there was no way to reclaim the origin, and humanity was doomed to journey on into the future, until released from endless drudgery at the end of time, which was sure to be a cataclysm.  Using calendars, priests recorded the dynastic ages for the dominators and counted the hours and years of enslavement for the oppressed.  They broke lives into years and crushed years into hours, sucking wealth out of poverty and making misery the prerequisite of luxury. 

Serfs and Fences, Bankers and Soldiers, Mines and Murder 

As important as the creation of time was the division of land into property.  Farming lead to land being measured in “feet” and “rods,” defined by the length of the king’s foot and stride.  The division of mother earth into tracts of land, the forcible extraction of food by ploughing and irrigation, were anathema to the tribes that lived from hunting and gathering.  Slavery and serfdom, and war with conscripted armies were the inevitable result of this social evolution.  From this ill-omened development came the worship of surplus and the exaltation of its keepers.  The priests gathered grain into granaries and levied tithes, thus transforming themselves into bankers.  Grain provided rich, condensed nutrition that could feed armies and thus lead to military conquest for purposes of annexing the productive capacity of even more slaves.  The aggregation of wealth lead to the enslavement of children in early mining enterprises, the development of smelting, iron weapons, and the evolution of human slaughter.  The juggernaut of history lurched into gear, and as the years have gone by, has only increased the pace and brutality of its infernal productivity.  Women might well have cursed the day their female ancestors discovered the art of horticulture, the innovation that doomed the hunting-and-gathering lifestyle. 

The Ignoble Traditions of Woman-hatred 

These traditions of historical time, real property, serfdom and militarism all share common roots in philosophies of woman-hatred.  For these traditions to hold sway over humanity, the dominators had to suppress women as well.  If women were allowed merely to protect their children from slavery and conscription, that would lead to the breakdown of the dominator social order.  And to this day, women are shunted aside when their boys are recruited for the dreadful business of war.  They are silenced when the decisions to make war are made.  They are fed and paid less when food and resources are divided.  In many societies, they are still prevented from learning to read, to argue, to challenge the dominant order with their thoughts and views

Elitist Cults and Killer Religions 

The mistreatment of women is rooted in the conduct of the dominators of our culture, for they control our social structures and mores.  The dominators share belief systems that are rarely exposed to public view, but nevertheless guide their behavior.  Disguised as a humble evangelical preacher devoted to the communal tenets of Christianity, David Brandt Berg, the pedophilic leader of the Children of God, induced faith-addled young women to serve as "sacred prostitutes" who serviced whoever their "leaders" sent their way, providing a taste of innocence to the jaded sexual palates of exalted low-lifes like the arms-merchant Adnan Kashoggi, and other wealthy degenerates.  Under the dictatorial regime established by Josemaria Escriva, the "numeraries" of Opus Dei are taught to despise and reject all forms of self-satisfaction, sacrificing all of their energy, and directing all of their devotion to "the Work," that turns drudgery, conformity, and self-abasement into a wan imitation of some imagined beatitude.  Secret societies, like the Masons and the Skull & Bones, that still control the policies of the world’s governments, draw their inspirations from ancient middle eastern cults, such as the Knights Templars.  The fascist leaders of the twentieth century, Franco, Hitler and Mussolini, were guided by and utilized mystical styles of presentation to enhalo themselves in the nostalgic aura of the original patriarchal traditions.  Increasing numbers of elitists are drawn to Buddhism and related new age philosophies.  Ironically, Buddhism, often marketed in the United States as “a peaceful religion,” seems to give rise to military juntas wherever it becomes the state religion.  Japan was staunchly Buddhist during the Second World War.  Burma, the signal oppressor of human rights, boasts a network of palatial temples.  Sri Lanka, that prosecutes a forever war against the Islamic Tamil minority, is solidly Buddhist.  Tibet, of course, was a theocratic, feudal state, and the poverty and illiteracy of its people was not alleviated by the presence of Buddhism for the thousand years preceding this current age, notwithstanding the elevation of the Dalai Lama to exalted status in the minds of many people who have never been to Tibet.   

“Ordinary religions” are equally bizarre in their origins and pervade the environment of belief with an irrational air that facilitates belief in the evil nature of women.  Recently projected into the limelight by the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney and the pedophilic polygamy of their fundamentalist wing, the Mormons garb themselves in the robes of Christianity for mass consumption but secretly embrace outré doctrines.  Cloaked in Christian boosterism, Mormons venerate the teaching of Joseph Smith, an inept Egyptologist who bastardized the Egyptian Book of the Dead and swizzled in Masonic mummery to create a brain-spinning doctrine that is powerful precisely because it is absurd.  Catholicism, the original fount of all cultism, has throughout its history triumphed over other doctrines by absorbing virtually all of its competition, creating an agglomeration of beliefs within a larger corpus, such that virtually any belief system, however bizarre, can be found operating under the Catholic designationIslamic cults are widely misunderstood, but their alliance with violent factions cannot be doubted.  That leaves one important religion to be discussed all alone, because of its focus at the center of world controversy

The Mules of Armaggedon 

The outsized importance of one ancient desert tribe in our world history is well-known.  Quite inexplicably, unless we take into account the absolute need of the Western powers to re-enact the Crusades and insert their proxies into the “Holy Land,” one of the first official acts of the United Nations was the creation of the Nation of Israel in Resolution 42.  Trapped in the post-traumatic politics of the holocaust, Israel has become the puppet of the American-European power structure that stood idle or actively aided the Nazis in the operation of the death camps.  Now, supplied with a nuclear reactor by France, with jets and missiles by the United States, and ironically, with missile-transporting submarines by the Germans, the traumatized Israelis have been posted as the guardians of western civilization against the hordes of Islamic barbarians.  Since the creation of Israel, the United States has been its generous sponsor, providing capital, weapons, and an endless flow of young New Yorkers to populate the “settlements” that are used to steal land from Palestine.  So close is this relationship that it can hardly be fair to call Israel anything other than an outpost of American military power, particularly given that it possesses nuclear weapons, a form of armament forbidden to all Islamic states except, of course, the narco-state of Pakistan.

The leverage created by the presence of Israel has been used to destabilize the entire middle east, a condition that has been exploited by the Bush family, acting as Saudi agents, who have maneuvered the United States into a submissive relationship with their Arab bosses.  During the Bush era, to retaliate for the 9/11 disaster that was supposedly caused by Saudi hijackers, the United States attacked Afghanistan and escorted Saudis out of the United States to shield them from prosecution and questioning.  Bush then attacked Iraq, which was good for the Saudis, who feared aggression from Sadaam Hussein, and deflected attention away from Saudi terror financiers who paid for the 9/11 airliner attacks.  The U.S. is now roundly hated for the killing, torturing, and devastation it has wrought in its “war on terror,” while the Saudi princes simultaneously continue to pay for terrorism and claim to be helpless to prevent it.  To which the U.S. continues to turn a blind eye, claiming that only Iran funds Islamic radicals.  In the midst of all this spending for Saudi defense through middle eastern aggression, the U.S. continued to buy Saudi oil at prices jacked up by military consumption, contributing to the collapse of the United States economy.  However, that is a small price to pay to maintain friendship with the Saudi royal family.  Meanwhile, the United States has antagonized all of the citizens of Saudi Arabia through its murder of Iraqis and proxy murders of Palestinians through its alliance with Israel, but this causes American politicians no concern, since the Saudis run a police state, and their unarmed citizens are powerless. 

Interestingly, although the Hebrew people have often been accused of manipulating economies and the course of history, they appear to be the victims of manipulation at this time.  The Protocols of the "Learned" Elders of Zion, when read without the anti-Semitic gloss, reveals itself as a cynical manual of mass manipulation that frankly explicates the intentions and methods of the Illuminati and the Skull & Bones cult, both of which explicitly refer to those outside the plan as “Gentiles,” as do the Protocols themselves.  Israel has brought the hatred of the entire Islamic world raining down upon itself for the sake of holding a tiny desert domain in an inhospitable region.  Thus, ironically, the inhabitants of Israel appear to have been manipulated by the concept of “Zionism” into serving as beasts of burden for the Illuminati, hauling the tools of destruction to the staging base for Armageddon

For The Love of Destruction 

To many people who think themselves as worldly-wise, even cynical, the notion of a worldwide conspiracy of warmakers, committed to the violent exploitation of humanity, seems ridiculous.  They reach this conclusion not because there is a lack of evidence in the form of persistent warfare, the creation of horrific chemical, biological, thermonuclear and tactical nuclear devices, and mass profiteering by arms manufacturers, but from mere unwillingness to consider it. They reach this conclusion simply because they have never met a politician, banker, defense executive, or intelligence agent who admitted being a member of a secret society.  They know nothing about the habits and behavior of billionaires and their armies of dependents.  They think, simply because they consort neither with the rich nor with pedophiles, that there are no rich pedophiles, or at least, that the vices of the rich and powerful are elevated vices that do not include sick kicks like having sex with children.  They cannot conceive of how the destruction of the Three Towers on 9/11 could have been executed as an inside job, because they think the secrets would have come out by now.  They think the secrets would have come out by now because they do not know how secrecy is enforced.  They do not know that secrecy is enforced by elevating people into wealthy, powerful positions, then inducing those wealthy, powerful people to indulge in sick kicks, like having sex with children, and recording those indiscretions on video, so they can blackmail them when it is time to get some legislation passed, some contracts signed, or to keep something from being investigated.  The Franklin Cover-up provides an education for people who haven’t yet learned about these aspects of the lifestyles of the rich and perverse.

Many people also cannot believe that secret societies exist that worship death and destruction, whose members believe in chaos and anarchy as creative principles, and are so twisted in their view of life that they view fertility as disgusting.  Again, this disbelief is not grounded in a lack of evidence.  While any two Mexicans meeting in a parking lot to deliver methamphetamine will constitute a conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt, when dozens of wealthy men meet at secluded locations in the company of their lawyers to make business and political agreements that will net them billions in profits that they will then stash in offshore accounts to avoid taxation, much or all of which is felonious conduct, to describe this as a conspiracy is laughable.  These people are not Mexicans!  Take the Hollywood media moguls, who constitute a cabal that operates cloaked in secrecy, spends oceans of money with poor accounting, notoriously consumes narcotics and maintains addicts as paid talents, runs a secret ratings system in which the Catholic and Episcopal churches have an official role, and launders money for the mob.  Hollywood has a long and well-documented relationship with the military, and has reliably glorified war, the American fighting man, and the rightness of the capitalist cause, ever since its emergence as a media force.  Modern movies have elevated rape to an art form, and critics seriously discuss the merits of gore-drenched cinema, turning rape, murder and torture into the central dramatic focus of modern entertainment.  Sadism is our daily fare.  In their personal lives, Hollywood personalities are often genuinely debauched beasts, and the murders of actresses as elevated as Natalie Wood have gone virtually uninvestigated.  As for pedophilia, need we say more than “Sunset Boulevard?” 

Many people also cannot believe that religion can be at fault in leading humanity down the path to destruction.  But when judged by considering their culpability for engendering woman-hatred, there is little that can be said to get them off the hook.  The Islamic mullas have been vilified enough for their cruelty to women, but they attain no special distinction in an objective review of the field of all world religions.  Like spiteful children, generation upon generation of monks, magicians, tantrikas, swamis and saints have complained that they never wished to be born, and have offered imaginary antidotes to existence, closing their eyes to the sun, the wind, the burgeoning fields and the falling rain, seeking solace in their male minds.  The Dalai Lama, often identified as some type of ideal human being, actually comes from a tradition that is steeped in the concept of female sacrifice as a means of capturing the female essence and appropriating its “gynergy” in the quest for enlightenment.  Nearer to home, but still steeped in this tradition of stealing the female identity of women, every Sunday all across the United States, men dressed in robes like ancient patriarchs, called priests and ministers, stand in pulpits proclaiming the eternal verities of God the Father.  For a connection to Nazism, need we say more than “Cardinal Ratzinger?” For a connection to pedophilia, will it be sufficient to say “Archdiocese of Philadelphia?” 

No, the evidence is everywhere, and people just do not want to believe it.  Some sick puppies are holding the big levers of power, and they are feeding humanity down into a grinder that enslaves people individually and en masse, deprives them of their freedom and dignity, and commits mayhem and murder against the defenseless for fun and profit.  At the center of the belief systems that allow and encourage this behavior is the hatred of women. 

The Last Year of Our Lord - 2008 

The Christian era marks the beginning of a dark age that settled upon the world.  Not that darkness had not been before, but at that point, it was codified, reduced to writing.  Thereafter the letters “A.D.,” standing for “Anno Domini,” the “Year of our Lord,” served as the suffix to each progressive year of the calendar.  All that had gone before was wiped out, turned into the detritus of pre-history.  The illusion of a new beginning was put in place.  Henceforth, there was nothing left to do but trudge on until Jesus came back, announcing his arrival with a trumpet blast, jerking the generations of the dead from their graves, and getting on with the business of sorting the damned from the deified.  Small surprise that the rebel spirits of the Illuminati, raising Nietzsche on their shoulders, declared God dead and crowned Lucifer as the true winner of the battle in Heaven.  The alternative was just too boring.  So, operating in darkness, behind the scenes, they have taken over the entire system, and now evil marches on under the guise of virtue, and the “leaders” of the world are engrossed in sick games, proliferating harms for humanity, splitting atoms as carelessly as a drunk playing Russian roulette, putting apocalypse on the table in one masculine showdown after another, flirting with disaster like a suicidal fool with no knowledge of the deeper meaning of lifeDeclarations of heroic intent are not unknown in human history.  Thomas Paine did them very well.  American Buddha is having a go at it here and now.  We hereby declare the end of humanity’s bad dream2008 was the last Year of Our Lord.  Anno Domini is done.  Finito

The First Year of the Era of Woman – Primo Anno Femini 

May the declaration spread like light passed from one candle to another.  We hereby declare the beginning of a new era, Anno Femini.  We speak it in the old language of the Romans because to undo a malediction, you must revoke its power in the same language.  It is done.  Go forward in the new light of this new era.  In this new era, the fortunes of women will rise, and as they do, the happiness of humanity will grow.  As the love of life is restored to its proper place in human hearts, the love of death and destruction will be despised as a black artAs the earth’s fertility is respected, the health of the world will be restored, and disease and sickness will decline.  As the gift of life is no longer despised, children will be loved and nurtured, war will no longer be used to provide fake solutions to disputes, and peace will gain firm root all over the world.  As the years roll along in the era of Anno Femini, human joy will grow like a strong tree that produces flowers, fruit and shelter, and the voices of happy beings will resound in all the branches of the tree.  The priests who sold evil and fear will be completely forgotten, except on the day, once a year, when we raise their images and set them afire to remember the past that once plagued us, and to rekindle our vows of kindness. 

Featured Artist – Federico Fellini 

The declaration of Primo Anno Femini, is done with deep, abiding affection for the memory of Federico Fellini, the Italian filmmaker whose cinematic works celebrate the beauty of women as perhaps no other filmmaker has ever done.  His brilliant film, The City of Women, has been screencapped with detailed attention, and the entire screenplay can be read right from the screencaps, that include all of the subtitled dialogue.  American Buddha also invites you to study Temptations of Dr. Antonio, Juliet of the Spirits, and Satyricon, delicious creations by a master of the motion picture form.  Bon apetit!


To all ABOL users

Recently it has come to the attention of the Librarian that Wikipedia, a resource that has been cited repeatedly by the Librarian, is not only of questionable reliability, particularly with respect to its biographical reports of current figures, but also that it appears to be completely untrue to its stated mission of compiling knowledge in a true "open-source" environment.  In fact, recent, reliable reportage indicates that the Wikipedia system is entirely controlled by a cadre of young men with axes to grind and a misogynistic game plan for shaping the Internet public's view of current events.  Accordingly, the Library will no longer cite Wikipedia as a resource, and cautions all users with respect to any statements attributed to Wikipedia found in the Library, that such material should be viewed with suspicion, although not necessarily incorrect or unreliable.  Library users are invited to email the librarian with any specific information regarding Wikipedia references found in the Library.