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[ABC News Announcer] Here's what Wal-Mart did not want to show.  As early as 1994, as you can see in this internal document, a Wal-Mart study showed that 80% of crime at Wal-Mart locations occurred in the parking lot.  And when the company added roving patrols at several sites, the crime rate dropped to as low as zero.

[Local 6 News Brief, News Announcer] A district judge in Beaumont tonight is fining Wal-Mart stores $18 million.

[Local 6 News Brief, News Announcer] Wal-Mart Sanctioned.  James Judge Mehaffy is sanctioning Wal-Mart for what the Court believes was a pattern of deception that involves the case of a southeast Texas woman who was sexually assaulted and raped in the parking lot of Wal-Mart.  The Court found that Wal-Mart did not disclose that it had conducted a safety study, a study that found if Wal-Mart would put employees in golf carts patroling its parking lots, crime there would drop to zero.

[News Announcer] Judge Sharolyn Wood heard a case against Wal-Mart in Houston, Texas, in 1999, involving an assault in a Wal-Mart parking lot. 

[News Announcer] She says that in 17 years on the bench, and over 25,000 cases, she's rarely seen such flagrant abuse of the system.

[Judge Sharolyn Wood] It was very disturbing to see such an intentional course of conduct.  It was corrupt.

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