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directed by Henriette Mantel, starring Ralph Nader
© 2006 Two Left Legs LLC

[Librarian's Synopsis:  Much-maligned by Democrats, Ralph Nader is shown in this film as a dedicated man with public benefit as his only agenda. The film captures the mean-spiritedness of those who have tried to blame Nader for causing Gore to lose an election that he never tried hard to win, and conceded without a serious fight. It is clear that Democrats treat liberals today like they have always treated ethnic voters -- by failing to represent them, and leaving them to choose the least of evils. (More comments here)]

rea·son (rzn) n.
1. The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction. See Usage Notes at because, why.
2. A declaration made to explain or justify action, decision, or conviction: inquired about her reason for leaving.
3. An underlying fact or cause that provides logical sense for a premise or occurrence: There is reason to believe that the accused did not commit this crime.
4. The capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought; intelligence.
5. Good judgment; sound sense.
6. A normal mental state; sanity: He has lost his reason.
7. Logic A premise, usually the minor premise, of an argument.

"The difference between Bush and Gore is the velocity with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door."
-- Ralph Nader

"The students are not learning. They're not learning citizen skills. They're not learning how to practice democracy. They're not learning the creative force of their personality, and idealism and imagination.  Maybe if we started talking about citizen globalization, civic globalization, instead of corporate globalization, the world will move forward!  Let not future generations look back on us and say that this was the last generation that refused to give up so little in order to achieve so much."
-- Ralph Nader

"We really need multi-party development in this country because we don't have a government of, by and for the people.  We have a government of the Exxons, by the General Motors, for the Duponts."
-- Ralph Nader

"If you don't show them you're capable of not voting for them, they don't have to listen to you.  I promise you that.  I worked within the Democratic Party.  I didn't listen or have to listen to anything on the left while I was working in the Democratic Party, because the left had nowhere to go."
-- Lawrence O'Donnell, Political Analyst

"The Democrats just totally trashed the guy, and they have been trashing him for four years.  They're the meanest bunch of motherfuckers I have ever run across."
-- James Ridgeway, Journalist

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