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by Tara Carreon

Read and hear "Condoleezza," a ribald parody, by Charles Carreon
"Tits and Rice," by Tara Carreon
President Evil, by Charles Carreon
LAURA WALKS OUT! - After showdown with George over cheating with Condi
Bush Divorce Scandal Explodes!
Laura Flees Boozing Bush
Travel to Estonia, Latvia and Jordan with the  President / Travels with Secretary Rice
Laura's Claw Marks! Her Explosive Fight With Boozing Bush

Oh, great Mother, can you see my disgrace?  The culprit facing you is guilty of treachery and murder, and profaning a temple, and is now a soldier without weapons.  I don't know who caused me all this trouble.  I just don't know ... I can't understand what's happened to me.

I have  to, have to, have to do it!  I have to!  I have to succeed!  I have to succeed!

Ascyltus, the great gods have cured me!  Mercury has given me back my power.  Farewell, Oenothea, generous Mother.

"Satyricon," by Federico Fellini

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