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[Jeff] Put her on the air.  Pandora's just opened the box.

[Lila] What are you saying?  That's so sweet, auntie.

[Gigi] No, no.  Jeff wouldn't let me tell you, but it's true.  Here.

[Lila] Lila Markosian?

[Gigi] You were born in Armenia.

[Gigi] Muk, this is your mother, may she forgive me.

... my sister, and this is me at 13.  And that baby is you.  We came from Armenia in 1961.  Your mother was very sick.  We didn't know anyone here.  Teresita was her best friend.  And she asked her and Jose if they would take care of us.  But she made us promise that we would never ever tell you so you could grow up an American. 

[Lila] And the picture in your living room?  That's her?

[Gigi] Yes.

[Gigi] She loved you very much.

[Lila] You may be right, and that's why I'm still here.  But I was raised Mexican, and I was treated like a Mexican.  My heart was born at 821 Margarita Street.  That's where I learned to share my toys with the other kids, to keep my promises, to pick up my own mess, to say "thank you," "please," and that actions speak louder than words.

[Gigi] Your mother left her husband and her country so she could give both of us a better life.  Show some respect.

[Lila] I respect her, but love is thicker than blood.  You belong to the people who taught you the world.  And my heart is Mexican.  Please don't take that away from me.  Please.

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