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[Alex] Um, camera.  There's a 30-minute tape, a full charge so ...

[Lila] I'll be right back, okay?

[Alex] Okay.

[Officer Carr]  Hey, stop!

[Officer Hyland] This is a restricted area.  We can't let you cross.  Please, ma'am, turn off the camera.

[Lila] I have a right to go.  I need to go, okay?  I am a citizen of the United States.

[Officer Carr] You're the property of the State of California.  We have orders to arrest you.  Now for the second time I'm asking you to turn off that camera!

[Alex] Yes sir!  Absolutely sir!

[Officer Carr] Freeze!

[Officer Hyland] Don't.  Go get her.

The wall is 12 ft. high recycled Gulf War landing plates.

[Officer Carr] Hey!

[Officer Hyland] Just relax, relax!

[Alex] Don't hurt her!

[Officer Hyland] Just be quiet and relax, relax.

[Alex] Hey!

[Lila] Let me go!

[Alex] Don't hurt Lila!

[Dr. Takeshi] Flatline!  Forget the "L" factor.  As soon as she gets here, we will technically kill her for three or four seconds, bump her into another dimension.  She finds them, we bring her back.

[Steven] What's the risk?

[Dr. Takeshi] Well, not coming back, mental retardation, paralysis.  I mean, I would go myself, but no habla espanol, huh?

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