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[Officer Hyland] "Castillo."  It's weird, isn't it?  It's quiet, but it's strange.  What can I tell you?  Yeah, and Moreno is gone too.  I have a situation.  I'll call you back.

[Hyland's wife] Alright, Junior, you have to stay still.  Kids say "hello."

[Officer Hyland] Wait, wait, wait, wait -- where are you going?  Honey, what's going on?

[Hyland's wife] School's out.  School's closed.  I've got to shut down the construction site.  Half of our people are missing.  Can you believe this?

60% of California's construction workers are Latino.

[Hyland's wife] I figured you could watch them for a couple of hours.

[Officer Hyland] This is an office.  We're in a very serious situation.

[Hyland's wife] Oh, fine!  I'll just take them with me to the construction site.  A loose beam will fall on their head, they'll die, and then we won't have to worry about daycare anymore. 

[Hyland's wife] Oh, come on, Bubba.

Would you guys mind?

[Officers] No, go ahead.

[Hyland's wife] And Officer Carr, could we not play the Illegal's Coyote's game, please?

[Officer Carr] Yeah, alright.

[Hyland's wife] Okay, I gotta go.  Look, Rowena was coughing last night, so here.  And Junior did not eat his breakfast.  Don't panic, I'm on my cell, I love you.  Bye kids.

[Officer Carr] Come on, let's go see the bronco.  We'll play Coyote and the Illegals.  I'll be the Coyote.

[Jeff] Hi, Miss Gigi is ...

[Nurse] Aunt Gigi?

[Jeff] Yeah, she's not making any sense.  She wants her own "Gigi Show."  Can you give her something to calm her down?

[Nurse] Sure, she must be devastated.  I'll take care of her.

[Jeff] Thank you.

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