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[Magician] Come celebrate the fact that you're still here.  And so are the bargains!  Don't miss the Disappearance Day sale at Marts.


[Lila] Good morning, Vicky.

[Vicky] Lila, you look great!  So, how does it feel to be the only Latina left in California?

[Lila] Well, I am amazed at the people on the streets, their acts of love and courage and concern for the Latino community.  I want to thank each and every one of them.  I mean, look at all of these letters and flowers.

[Vicky] We've received thousands of phone calls, letters, emails with best wishes, and prayers for you.  I can see Miss Gigi over there.  Hi Miss Gigi.

[Gigi] Hi Vicky.  Hi.  Call me Aunt Gigi.  I mean, everyone calls me Aunt Gigi. 

[Vicky] Of course.  Aunt Gigi is a very dear friend of Lila's family.  And I'm glad to see auntie right there ready to hold your hand.  We now have Senator Abercrombie, our acting governor, on the line.  Go ahead, Senator.

[Steven] Hello Lila.  Welcome to the team.  It's good to meet you.

[Lila] Thank you, and it's actually Lila.  We met when I interviewed you during your last campaign, remember?

[Steven] Of course!  Miss Rodriguez!  In the name of California, and the great nation we belong to, I want to thank you for doing your duty as an American.  You represent our hope, our future.   I want to take this opportunity to once more ask the citizens of California not to panic, get back to your regular lives, and people close to the state border, do not attempt to cross the fog.  More than ever, we need to be the great California familia and bring back our Hispanic brothers and sisters.  Let's go for the whole enchilada.  Lila, we're with you every step of the way.

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