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[Newsperson] NBA officials in the state, however, say they anticipate no disruptions.

[Steven] Give me some Spanish words:  "familia," "que pasa," "cinco de mayo."  How do you say, "We really miss you"?  "Vengo pronto ja."

[Nick] Don't you think we should just keep it English only?

[Steven] What if they're listening?  No, I have this feeling it will be a nice touch.

[Nick] Well, your 9:00 with Senator Shaw has been canceled.  It is kind of great that he's gone, though, isn't it?  The path is clear.

Senator Shaw is a "Closet Latino"

[Ellen] Anyone for Chinese?  Floteria is closed.

[Nick] Ellen, can you and Tracy make a press conference tomorrow morning?

[Ellen] Sure, school's closed anyway.  My friend Monica is gone.  She was normal.  She was just like me.

[Steven] Monica's from Argentina.  And Chinese will be fine, thank you.  Make it spicy.

[Nick] Isn't it ironic?  Hating them got you Senator, now loving them can get you governor. 

[Steven] My father must be turning over in his grave.

[Ellen Abercrombie, Governor Pro-Tem's Wife] There are still people who blame Steven for what happened.  I don't think that's fair.  My husband was a passionate campaigner against illegal immigration.  Why is it that every rich white man who is against minorities is labeled a racist?  California voted for him.

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