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[Dean] Oh, wow, honey, she's really in a negative space.

[Dean's Wife] Yeah, c'mon, let's go help her calm her vibe, you know.

[Dean] Mary Jo.  Mary Jo, we heard about Robert and Bobby.  We're really sorry.

[Dean's Wife] Yeah, if you need any help with Lucy, you just feel free to come over and knock on our door, okay?

[Mary] Maybe I'll take you up on that tomorrow.  They're trying to keep the schools open.  It's a total mess.  Who knows, this whole nightmare might be over any minute.

[Dean's wife] Oh, it will, I am sure.  You know, Mary Jo, on TV, they're asking all Latinos who are still here to go see this scientist.  Have you thought about taking Lucy?

[Mary] No.

[Dean's wife] Oh, okay.  Well, we're going to go to the supermarket.

Dean] You know, they're recommending that everybody stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.  And if you want us to get you anything.

[Mary] Oh, no, no, I'm fine, really.  Thanks.  I'll call you later.

[Dean's wife] Hang in there.

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