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[Lilal] Where's my mom?

[Vicky] We tried calling her, but a lot of people have disappeared. 

[Lila] Gigi?

[Vicky] Aunt Gigi's on her way, dear.  Honey, can you explain to us what happened to you in that car?

[Lila] I saw the light.  It turned green.  And then I heard this voice that said, "Stop!"

 [Vicky] It's alright, dear.  You need to rest.  That's our Lila, a very special human being who defied the destiny of the disappeared.  Don't go away, our 24-hour observation camera will make sure our Missing Link stays with us.

[Vicky] When we come back, from the official network of The Disappearance, interviews with the nurse that recognized her, the man who called 911 to report the crash, and the mechanic who towed her car.  I'm Vicky Martin, KMDE News, back to you in the studio.

[Abdul] I'm really afraid for this state, because the more we figure out how dependent we are on the Latinos, the more desperate people are going to start to get.  We're already seeing signs of people grabbing each other's food, going in and breaking into refrigerators, because they are hoarding.

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