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[Newsperson] Cable communications within the state continue to function.  All communication systems depending on satellites and wireless technology are down.  As of now, no contact outside the state lines has been established.

[Vicky] And welcome back to Victims of the Disappearance.  Lila Rodriguez is a first generation Mexican-American born in the heart of East Los Angeles.  Her parents, Teresa and Jose Maria Rodriguez, who are missing as well, have lovingly stood behind her through her entire career.

[Gigi] She can't be missing.  She's not missing.  Jeff, she did not disappear. 

[Jeff] I know, it's hard to accept.

[Gigi] No, she's not Mexican!

[Jeff] Yes, I know:  she's a reporter.

[Gigi] No, listen to me.  You don't understand.  There's no reason for her to be missing.  There's no way that she would disappear.

[Jeff] I know you're upset.  We're all upset.  But what you're saying makes no sense.

[Vicky] Is this confirmed?  A ray of hope.  Our Lila Rodriguez has been found at the local hospital.  She's in intensive care. We'll bring you full coverage ...

[Jeff] What do you want to do with this?  It's your call.

[Newsperson] It happened to the Mayans.  They disappeared without a trace.  Today we are here to explore a highly unconventional explanation.  Dr. Takeshi.

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