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[Joe] Let's go upstairs.  C'mon.

[Vicky] Um, honey, I have a lot of things to do.  Do you mind?

[Joe] Cliff-hanger ending?  To be continued?  C'mon, baby, you gotta finish what you started!

[Vicky] Joe, this is not ... we should be more careful.  There are security cameras out here.  There's too much on the line.

[Joe] Like what?

[Vicky] Our jobs!  Are you willing to lose yours?

[Joe] Yes, of course I am.  This is going somewhere.

[Vicky] Let's just keep it fun, okay?  Zip up!  I'll see you tomorrow.

[Joe] That was fun?

[Vicky] Only a few minutes ago, our Lila Rodriguez was reporting live from the streets of Los Angeles.  We just received a report that her car was involved in an accident, but there is no trace of her body.  We assume she's fallen victim to the Disappearance Epidemic.  We hope Lila and Joe find their way back home, as should the people for whom so many grieve. 

[Vicky] WWW.WHERE-R-U.ORG  is open to receive updated information on this emergency situation.

[Newscaster] The Golden State is NOT shining.  California feels like a ghost town. 

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