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[Gig] Knock, knock.  Teresita?  Jose?  Sorry, there was so much traffic. 

[Lila] Hey, Aunt Gigi.

[Gig] Hi.  What are you doing here?  I just saw you on TV.  Are you okay?

[Lila] Yeah, I'm fine.  They had to rush out to the hospital, but I'm fine.  Do you know where my parents are?

[Gigi] No, but I bet Teresita made Jose go looking for you.  Call your office. 

[Lila] Hey, I already did.  They're not there.  Hey, have you heard about all those people missing?

[Gigi] Yeah.

[Lila] Jeff told me that a lot of them are Latinos.

[Gigi] Oh, Muki, half of Californians are Latinos.

[Lila] I guess so.  Oh, my God -- I've got to go to the station.  Can you ask my mom to call me when you see her?

[Gigi] Yep.  Bye sweetie.  Oh, Muki, you forgot your magazine.

[Lila] No, that's my dad's.

[Gigi] Oh okay.  My God, at his age?

[Steven] Hello, everyone.  Governor Dawson and Lieutenant Governor Santos are out of reach, so I have been called upon to act as Governor Pro Tem.  It is my duty to declare a state of emergency.  We're doing everything within our power to find our missing people.  I ask the people of California not to panic, and to respect other people's property.  In these very difficult times, we must all make an effort to continue with our regular activities.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of California.

[Reporter] 911 has received over 1 million calls reporting missing people.  Is this a terrorist attack?

[Steven] Attack?  No, people are disappearing without a trace.  There are no bodies. 

[Reporter] Are the armed forces involved?

[Steven] The fog surrounding the state makes it hard to draw conclusions, but the military is conducting reconnaisance missions and will report when they have something.

[Reporter] Have you spoken to Washington?

[Steven] There's no communication outside the state.  We have our best men and women working on that.  Thank you all very much.

[Newscaster]  The fog warning continues in effect.  Authorities begged the population to stay home, and not attempt to cross.

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