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[Mary] Stop covering for him!  Yes, you are!

[Vicky] By 6:00 this morning, the 911 emergency service lines have received more than 3,500 calls reporting the absence of family members, trusted workers and business owners.

[Mary] What did you say happened to your brother?

[LIla] Come on, Jeff!  I am not a Latina reporter, okay?  I'm a reporter. 

[Jeff] Lila, if it's St. Patrick's Day, I send O'Malley, if it's Drinko de Mayo I send Rodriguez, you.  Anyway, these guys are missing workers.

[Lila] Mexican missing workers.  Come on, I was born in California.  I'm a citizen of the United States.  I can do anything.  Well, trust me.  I mean, give me something big, something international, something important.

[Jeff] Mexicans are international.  This could be big.  Lila in the field in three, two ...

[Vicky] We now go live to Stockton.  Go ahead, Lila.

[Lila] They left behind a cozy fire, chorizo, tortillas, personal belongings.

[Lila] But the missing workers left no explanation for their absence. 

[Lila] Good morning Mr. McClaire.  How many of your workers are missing?

[Louis] I think -- Jose? -- 70 or 80.

[Lila] Has something like this happened before?

[Louis] In the last few days we've lost 5 or 10, but nothing like this.  We're going to lose the entire crop.

[Lila] Any idea what might have happened?

[Louis] The INS, making it hard for people to come here and stay here.

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