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by C. G. Jung, Dr. Med. et Jur. of the University of Zurich
Translated by H. Godwin Baynes, M.B., B.C. Cantab
Harcourt, Brace & Company, Inc., 1923


The individual Self is a portion, or excerpt, or representative, of something universally present in all living creatures, and, therefore, a correspondingly graduated kind of psychological process, which is born anew in every creature.

On the Nature of the Psyche, by C.G. Jung
The Passion of Perpetua, by Marie-Louise von Franz
Psychology of the Unconscious, by Carl Gustav Jung
Aion, by C.G. Jung
The Red Book: Liber Novus, by C.G. Jung
Answer to Job, by C.G. Jung
Alchemical Studies, by C.G. Jung
Seven Sermons to the Dead Written by Basilides in Alexandria, the City Where the East Toucheth the West, by C.G. Jung
WOTAN, by Carl Gustav Jung
Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth, by Hermann Hesse
The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung, by Richard Noll
C. G. Jung: Lord of the Underworld, by Colin Wilson
Interpretation of Richard Wagner's Parsifal, directed by Hans-Jurgen Syberber -- Illustrated Screenplay & Screencap Gallery
Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America, by Dr. Byron T. Weeks, M.D., Col. AFUS, MC, Ret.

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