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Without these people and institutions this book could not have been made. Some of them appear live in here and others don't; others appear in disguise. There are also many people whose books (and pamphlets and papers and reports) I've read and made use of.

You made this with me, you gave me your time, your knowledge, and yourselves. I am profoundly grateful.


Orin (OJ) Anderson; Dan Baldwin, Jackson Baldwin; Jenny Barnett; Kristin Berry; Christine Bolin; Patricia Brown-Berry; Robert Burton; Tom Cade; Calvin (Cobby) and Carol Cobb; Nancy Dumas; Julie Fallowfield; Mike Gregg; Mike Hess; Scott Huber; Ed Jagels; Rosita Jones; Amos Johnson; Philip Leitner; Barbara Malloch-Leitner; Chico and Lynne Livingston; Paul Martin; William (Bill) McGibbon; Sandra McFarland; Dennis Miller; Norman Nunley; Phil Ogden; Ken Peterson; Bill Pyle; Ray Roberts; Dick Sandlin; Ed Schultz; Coulter Smith; Craig Stevenson; the Reverend Paul Stone; Douglas L. Threloff; Adam Truran; Raymond M. Turner; Oscar Turner; Helga White; Fred and Rita Wood.

Plus: the Hopi Tribal Government; the Navajo Tribal Government; the Tohono O'odham Tribal Government; the Ganado United Presbyterian Church; the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute; the Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum; the State of Nevada Department of Wildlife; the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum; the Living Desert Zoological and Botanical State Park; the New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources. From the United States Department of the Interior: the United States Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Forest Service, the Division of Refuge Management, the United States fish and Wildlife Service.

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