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My archeological museum, "a composite of Aztec, Mayan and 'Rivera Traditional' styles."

MY FOUR WIVES:  Angeline Belloff

Lupe Marin

Frida Kahlo

Emma Hurtado

With my assistants in the Hospital de la Raza, (left to right) Manuel Martinez, Melquiades Ejido, Osoaldo Barra, and Marco Antonio Borregia.

A self-portrait, painted for Sigmund Firestone.

Frida Kahlo and I, outside our home in Coyoacan.

A visit from David Alfaro Siqueiros in Moscow.  At my side is my wife, Emma.

This photograph of me was taken in December, 1956, on the occasion of the unveiling of a plaque outside the house in Guanajuato where I was born. [DIEGO RIVERA.  pinror magnifico nacio en cata casa el ia de diciembre de 1886.]

Contemporary newspaper photos covering the Rockefeller Center fracas.  At left is the portrait of Lenin on which opposition to my mural was focused.  At right, I am seated with my attorney, Philip Wittenberg. [PAINTING THAT COST RIVERA HIS JOB]

The reconstructed "Rockefeller mural" in the Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City.

"Water, Origin of Life."  I am standing in the center of the Lerman reservoir, on the inner walls of which I executed this unique underwater mural.

Mural in the Hospital de la Raza, depicting the history of medicine in Mexico.

"Sunday Dream," an allegory of my life and the history of Alameda Park.

Outdoor mural of the Teatro de los Insurgentes.  Mexican History from pre-colonial time to the present, as reflected in scenes from Mexican plays.  [...RO DE LOS INSURGENTES" PRESENTA A MARIO MORENO CANTINFLAS EN 'YO COLO ...]

Portrait of Edsel Ford, my benefactor in Detroit

A satirical cubist portrait of my Parisian period.

A section of my mural in the National Palace, depicting the cultivation of corn.

Battle scene in the Cortes Palace mural, Cuernavaca.

My peace mural.  Mexican workers collect signatures for peace petitions, while in the background, Stalin and Mao offer Uncle Sam, John Bull, and Belle Marianne the choice of peace or destructive war.

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