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The DNA strategy calls for continuous acceleration of the genetic script ...

"You have not heard the tales of Pater Pan?... The wisest, oldest, and most outre Child of Fortune in all Edoku, it is said, if not in the worlds of men.  A mage of all possible arts of accumulating ruegelt, it is said ..."  Child of Fortune, by Norman Spinrad

 All those moments will be lost ... in time ... like tears ... in the rain.

H20-Gate Blues                         I Turned Out a Punk                        It's Bad, You Know

Pink Moon           Flor del Mal           Humans From Earth           Reel Ten           Imagine

Cry For Love                       The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb                       Lake of Fire

Ka-Boom Ka-Boom                The Revolution Will Not Be Capitalized                 The Spy

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